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    Ebony Horse x1

    Devout Harpist x1

    Soul Warden x1

    Soul Attendant x2

    Herald of Anafenza x1

    Boros Elite x1

    Dictate of Heliod x1

    Angelic Voices x3 

    Elspeth Tirel x1

    Ice Floe x3

    Shield Sphere x3 Flickering Ward x2

    Mother of Runes x1

    Academy Rector x1

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    The first movie/comic book convention for the stoke on trent area is kicking off on sunday 28th September.

    If all goes well, I will aquire a few autographed tid-bits.

    Below is a list of merchandise which i'm taking to the event. Hopefully to get signed.

    • A PoTF greedo action figure for Paul Blake
    • A 4-LOM action figure for Chris Parsons
    • A Bossk action figure for Alan Harris
    • A Jabba the Hutt plushie for Toby Philpott (Jabba's left arm and mouth)
    • A Davros art print for Terry Mollov
    • A 6th Doctor post card for Colin Baker
    • A red dwarf SMEG ups DVD for Norman Lovett and Craig Charles

    Between now and the 28th the list will probably change but until then this is my future beer money.

    Having never been to a large convention before I hope stoke con goes easy on …

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  • Br1ck animat0r

    Simon - Huk (Galaxy Warriors)

    Lewis - William Riker (The Next Generation)

    Sips - 

    Sjin -

    Trottimus - Thundercats Tuska

    Ross - POTC Black Beard

    Alsmiffy - 

    Israphel - Voldemort

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  • Br1ck animat0r

    Tenth Planet Variant Cyberman --- £10

    The Hound 'Legacy' Figure --- £17

    Kane in Nostromo Suit (ReAction) --- £14

    Kane in Nostromo Suit (Neca) --- £23

    Kenner Variant Wampa --- £15

    Light and Sound Treebeard --- £50

    Harold Saxon as Prime Minister --- £9

    Alien Warrior (Neca) --- £22

    Dr Zoidberg (KidRobot) --- £37

    Black Series, Princess Leia --- £16

    Black Series, Boba Fett --- £16

    Black Series, Darth Vader --- £16

    Galaxy Warrior Huk --- £170

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    January 26, 2012 by Br1ck animat0r

    CJC95 sporting the WWI british sergeants outfit.

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